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  • PowerfulVoice Call Feature

    Voice is an automated call service to deliver calls from text or pre-recorded, voice messages
    • Confirm Meetings
    • Notify Large group of People with Just a Single Call
    • Advertise your Business to your Targeted Group of Potential Clients/li>

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  • Parseco App Notifications

    Parseco is a powerful mobile app, available for Android and iOS. You get it for free, to enable app notifications, app-based campaigns and advanced/dynamic/rich user profiling. You can learn more about your clients that will help you create better campaigns with

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Core Features

Use our SMS platform to deliver important notifications, improve security, increase the impact of your brand and add new revenue streams.
Geniusworks' SMS solutions are designed in-house specifically for companies handling huge amounts of user data and give you access to the most varied demographics for notification delivery, financial services, marketing programs and customer care.


Number Context

Experience shows that 15-20% customers’ mobile numbers are actually not being used and by continuing to send SMS messages to these numbers you have been:
  • Losing money by paying for traffic that does not reach your customers
  • Losing customers who you think have been notified via your SMS messages, but were not.
Our solution empowers you to ‘clean the database’ of those numbers and:
  • Save 15-20% of your monthly SMS expenditure and Retain your customers by providing them the required service


Complete mobile messaging solution for sending and receiving messages. Personalised messages with name and other customer data, messaging based on uploaded files (xls, csv), address book or manually added recipients, transliteration, scheduling, delivery speed, bulk controls - pause/resume/cancel and many other functionalities included. 2-way SMS messaging is available on demand.


Reports provide detailed information on each message for complete transparency and control. They are easily accessible with many different numerical and graphic overviews. Detailed reports provide the following information: sent data time, network name, sender name, destination address, external message, status, price per message, SMS count.

Address Book

Manage contacts, search saved contacts in the address book, add, modify, delete, import and export contacts. Create contact groups based on particular criteria and combine them together when choosing recipients for your messages.


Performance monitoring, activity log view, live traffic overview, dashboards showing cumulative overview and detailed reporting on traffic, expenses and delivery rates.


Advanced client management features supporting multiple accounts, price lists and customisation for each account, based on actual requirements.

Customer Review

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A reliable, robust service our several thousand strong workforce have come to depend on.
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Reliable, cost effective and the most non-intrusive way of staying in touch with our patients. It has dramatically reduced non-attendances!
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I chose Geniusworks Webhosting Solutions to host my personal domain after a friend recommended it to me. I’ve never had any problems with anything I needed with Geniusworks Webhosting Solutions and I’ve told all my friends who were interested in getting their own domain to look into it as well.
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Friendly customer services, and affordable prices. I have introduced several friends to use Geniusworks Webhosting Solutions already, they all love it. Highly recommended!!
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Just wanted to say thank you to you and the team for the website. I am very pleased with the product and it was also a pleasure working with you.

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