Messaging is complex.

Our A2P solutions are simple.


Two-factor authentication secures your application, confidential user data and your business.

It relies on a mobile phone to receive an additional log in credential – a one-time password or PIN number (OTP) delivered via SMS or Voice.

PIN Generation
Our platform provides the back-end logic needed for PIN generation (OTP) so you don’t have to. Each code is tied to an individual user and can only be used once.

Number Lookup
Save money and increase conversion rates with our number validation. We're able to catch invalid numbers as they're entered, making sure your message is headed to a valid number.

Voice Failover
Voice-based 2FA adds text-to-speech capability to the standard 2FA process, enabling you to place calls and deliver user authentication PINs via voice audio. By adding Voice failover message delivery rates can be pushed close to 100 percent.

2-way SMS

Obtain a mobile number, dedicated short codes to run engaging campaigns. Reach anyone over the world's best coverage.

Get one or more mobile numbers for your SMS campaigns. You can use any number for multiple campaigns, to help cut costs and provide a consistent, instantly recognisable channel for your campaigns.

Number Lookup

Check number validity and status in real time, on a global scale. Save money and increase conversion rates.

We provide your business with the entire number validation logic and reach which help you determine:


We've got the right option for your business:
Database Cleaning
Identifies unused and inactive mobile numbers that companies have in their large number databases, helping you cut costs on mobile messaging and reach a fully-optimized user base.

Enables real-time number portability lookups to optimize your message and voice routing. It includes all features of the Database Cleaning package.


Our automated text to speech service delivers converted or pre-recorded voice messages to your users' mobile phones.

Automated Text-to-Speech Voice options with programmable logic
Run your campaign more efficiently by defining user actions to automatically trigger voice messages to your users.

Global Text-to-Speech coverage
Our Text-to-Speech services, including 2-Factor Authentication, are truly global, allowing you to send and receive voice messages from anywhere in the world in 46 languages.

Customer Review

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A reliable, robust service our several thousand strong workforce have come to depend on.
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Reliable, cost effective and the most non-intrusive way of staying in touch with our patients. It has dramatically reduced non-attendances!
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I chose Geniusworks Webhosting Solutions to host my personal domain after a friend recommended it to me. I’ve never had any problems with anything I needed with Geniusworks Webhosting Solutions and I’ve told all my friends who were interested in getting their own domain to look into it as well.
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Friendly customer services, and affordable prices. I have introduced several friends to use Geniusworks Webhosting Solutions already, they all love it. Highly recommended!!
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Just wanted to say thank you to you and the team for the website. I am very pleased with the product and it was also a pleasure working with you.

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